Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Gift of the Acoli , Part 3


"Good lady you mean to kill this alien?" "Now Cacao what kind of fiancée would I be if I killed my betrothed. Honor demands that I not only let this monster live but that I serve him." The elders watched her and knew not what to say to this. She saw their consternation and said "serve him and learn his ways."

She retired for the night. The others decided to hedge their bets, they would not only give this monster a wife they would set another trap for him. It is unfortunate that the innocent Acoli girl would be in danger of the trap as well but after having witnessed her power they were doubtful that she could be harmed.


Krin had the female confined to quarters, no telling what dangers she posed. He was disgusted by the wretched natives and amused by their feeble attempts to harm him. Once they had failed in their foolishness he took a good look at this Acoli girl. He had never seen her equal. As humans go she was quite attractive. The aliens race was unique it could not procreate with a member of its own species. By seeking mates among the stars they guaranteed genetic superiority.

He watched her and strangely he felt she could see him right through the scryers. It was unnerving when she smiled at him slyly. She could not possibly see him or even his minute spying devices.

He aimed his cutter for home, the trip would take the better part of a year. His race had conquered the light barrier a thousand years before. His cutter was capable of greater speed but he had burned a surprising amount a fuel in his quest for a suitable mate. Now he carried his prize home for proper Kernigan nuptials. They would become acquainted on the journey. Love was not a part of Krin's culture, in fact the concept was completely alien to him as he was alien to the Acoli.

The Acoli girl sat on the deck plates and peered into the blackness of space. She had watched the ascent from her home planet with awe and wonder. Good bye, she thought, she would miss home but she knew it was best if she and her betrothed never returned. The Alien wrecked havoc on every human he had encountered. She felt pride and trepidation at being the sacrificial virgin. At least I have helped the people she thought. She could feel the alien watching her, he seemed at peace, satisfied that his quest was complete. She heard mechanical noises from the door and it opened. He stood before her and for the first time she had a chance to study him.

His skin was dark blue with lighter magenta on his face. He had removed his armor and wore simple white garments, they seemed uniform like. He had long black hair that was braided neatly down his back. His eyes were magenta and seemed to glow faintly. He was bipedal and was humanoid. A leather belt was about his waste and it had a number of devices attached to it. The girl sensed that power emanated from the belt, she suspected that his 'magic' came from his mechanical equipment instead of from him. He was of athletic build and taller than most humans, close to 7 feet she estimated.

He spoke "My name is Krin what is yours?" She frowned briefly considering what she had gone through and the suffering of her people before this alien bothered with a formal greeting. "Jayla" She said simply. She wondered how he could speak her language but decided that his machines were somehow making it possible. "You will dine with me Jayla." His rudeness was off putting but she knew her ways would be as alien to him as his were to her and was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Besides who knows when she would get to eat again. "Okay" she acquiesced.

They made an odd pair as they walked the passageways of his vessel, he called it a cutter. Krin in his white uniform and her in a tanned buckskin dress with sea shell beadwork. He had some crew aboard she guessed in the hundreds of number. He seemed to be in command as the other aliens stood aside for them as they passed. His quarters were Spartan and they sat at a bare table. An attendant brought a large single platter with some kind of roasted meat. It rested on a bed of roasted 'vegetables' they weren't the greens of Earth but alien blue in color. She expected something horrible but surprisingly the alien food was succulent and it felt good to eat. The attendant watched her intensely as she took her first bite. When she continued to eat and smiled he visibly relaxed. Krin spoke to him briefly in a language she didn't understand and the attendant left. It seemed that they wanted to please her, strange after all the atrocities she had witnessed at the hands of this alien.

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