Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Gift of the Acoli, Part 2

The Acoli girl Matnialla grew out of the council fire. Her clothes, little more than skins, danced in the heat but did not burn. Hay colored hair drifted with the sparks and ashes but did not singe. She smiled calmly "The alien invader will trouble your lands no more." Our people have always coexisted; you are masters of agriculture and singing to God. My people have spent generations mastering the Psi. The Council elders watched her in the fire with awe and fear. "I am only an apprentice and yet I can walk through fire." Cacao found his voice "Good lady we have tried to kill the alien already and we haven't even hurt him. Many of our best hunters have died. The alien's powers are impenetrable." Matnialla grinned. "Who is your best warrior now?"

A somber man in his prime stood slowly. He simply nodded her way. "You are?" "I am Neoli." "Kill me Neoli." "Lady, God forbids." "Does God also forbid the murder of the alien?" "God forbids the murder of people, not animals." "Your logic is sound Neoli, well then wound me, try hard!" Neoli faded from the firelight. All peered into the inky blank hoping to see his attack. After a few moments an arrow appeared behind the Acoli girl. It hovered just inches from her back. Neoli walked back into the firelight and watched his bolt with curiosity. The arrow drifted around the girl till it hovered above her hand. "Do not judge this hunter for what you see today friends for his shot was strong and true. Had I been a carniprimate I would be dead." Neoli grinned, "Wounded lady, you have my word." "I honor it good hunter. I tell you all, we know the time and place when this alien will appear and he knows nothing of our preparations, therefore we have the advantage." "Cacao your people will make preparations for the wedding we must not disappoint this monster, I promise to you all I will have a surprise for my betrothed."

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