Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Gift of the Acoli, Part 1

A symphony of moans blasted Krin's tempanic membranes. The noisy crowd exuded more decibels than a Nebula Cutter at launch. He raised his hands skyward. "Your race has not even conquered the sky much less the galaxy. You will kneel before the might of the Jidha." Many did kneel and tremble in fear. His voice, technologically translated and amplified, dripped with human behavioral manipulators.

A rebel shot a primitive projectile at Krin's head. It collided against his armored and shielded helm making a glimmer of blue fire dance before his eyes. He extended a hand and the lash flicked out and returned in an eye blink. The rebels head tumbled away from his neck.

The tribe's leader, Cacao, lay prostrate at Krin's boots begging in incoherent babble. Krin looked at the once great man with revulsion. "You will bring her to me Cacao or your people will suffer greater pains." "Who my lord...whoooo?" "You know who halfwit! A wife. I need a wife built to my exact specifications. Send your envoys around this pitiful rock if you must, I will return in four seasons. She had better be standing in this very spot upon my arrival Cacao or I will convert your people into something quieter."

Krin's ship left a broken people in fear of the future. The council fire that night was a bit more alcoholic than was normal. Cacao's father Ramo smoked and listened to the debate. Every female in their realm had been present today, wives, daughters, even infants. None were favored by the arrogant alien.

These debates always ended the same, in some intrepid assassination plot. Cacao sighed. "The carniprimate hunter could kill anything on legs and he failed. What can we do?" Ramo's face was contemplative, the firelight making the crags on his cheeks into black crevasses. "Once, during the great walk that all men must make I strayed into a land of rock so high that I could not climb it. I followed the canyons looking for a pass and wondered into another realm, the realm of the Acoli.

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